History of Panache PC



According to the 1989 USPC “Annual Report and Directory” Panache Pony Club was registered as an official club on July 16, 1988 and its “territory” included Davis, Woodland and Winters, California.  The club was inspired by Gina (Ostini) Miles’ participation in Hobby Horse Pony Club in Vacaville.  Due to difficulty traveling there with a horse trailer from Davis, the decision was made to start a Pony Club in Davis.  The original officers included Patricia Ostini as the founding District Commissioner, Shelley Ferkovich as Joint District Commissioner, Julie Henson as Treasurer, Joan Hancock as Secretary, Marsha Anderson as Chair of the Show Committee and Carol Smith and Bill Henson as Chair & Joint Chair of Fundraising.  There were 20 members of the club at this time. 


In the early days Panache was known for very active rally participation beginning with its first rallies at Games and Dressage in the spring of 1988.  The members also participated in Musical Freestyle, Quadrille, Polocrosse and Foxhunting.  The club was also active in a British Exchange Program where members traveled to the United Kingdom and were sponsored by a club there.  In return, Panache hosted members of a British club here.  Other highlights include sending teams to Kentucky for USPC National Championships for Dressage, Combined Training (Eventing) and Know Down (Quiz) and to Utah for Western Championships (Show Jumping). 


In addition to numerous accomplishments in riding and other aspects of life, many of the early members went on to earn the USPC “A” certification including Michelle Hoffman, Gina (Ostini) Miles, Erin O’Farrell, Sara Williams and …. . And of course, Gina Miles went on to win an Olympic silver medal in ? and has returned to Panache PC to clinic and judge Panache members. 


Barbara Kendrick hosted Panache Pony Club at Happy Horse Riding School for many of the early years and her daughter, Nancy Gray, who went on to be a Panache DC for several years while her daughter was a member.  Other DC’s who have carried the club torch over the years are Reid Borgwardt, Dede Motley and…Tara Richardson. Capstone Farm has hosted the majority of the Panache happenings since the late 90’s since many of the members have ridden there. Laura Powell, owner of Capstone Farm has been the Jt DC off and on since the late 90’s. 


Angie Dennie has been the DC for the past four years with endless passion and energy while both of her daughters have been successful active participants in the club. At the first USPC annual meeting that Angie attended in 2013, Panache received a 25 year plaque from the USPC.  When the founding sponsors started the club, they hoped it would survive 20 years; it is now approaching 30 years!


Panache is still a very busy club which continues to actively participate in regional rallies and has fielded successful teams in Western USPC Championships (First place in Eventing, 2006) and National USPC Championships in Eventing, 2007, Panache has sent members to National Championships in Show Jumping and Quiz 2014, and Western USPC Championships 2015 in Dressage  and Eventing. Recently USPC opened its doors to adults, they are called Horse Masters. Horse Masters are able to participate fully in all Pony Club has to offer. Currently, Panache PC has 20 members, 16 traditional members and 4 horse master members who are climbing the certification ladder, so the legacy continues. 




Here is a link to the USPC history page – sadly it has not been updated since 2014 and makes no mention of horse masters.